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Lest we forget.

I feel bad for missing the service downtown, especially after the cenotaph was partially destroyed. So along with my two minutes, I’m sharing this song. This particular version is done by the Dropkick Murphys. The song has some very heavy lyrics at times. I listen to it when I want to remember.

The last WWII veteran that I personally knew died two years ago. He never spoke about the war. Today I’m remembering Robert Brownrick, who survived the war, but lost his ankle to a near by grenade.


Monday Mornings– Alert the Medic, We, the machine.

ATM WE The Weapon coverSo going back to my hitchhiking misadventures, the man who picked me up asked me at one point, since we were talking about music, if I’d heard of Alert the Medic. I had, but I’d never heard them. Or so I’d thought. I’d actually gone to school with them, except back then they were known as Rudy.

They had changed more than their name since I’d last heard them. I never cared too much when I saw Rudy, perhaps it was just that I wasn’t as open minded musically, and they weren’t playing what I wanted to hear. Whatever the cause was, I’d only heard them from the lobby of the amphitheatre on the waterfront in New Glasgow, while I was waiting for The Unwise, and The Salads to play.

After talking about them for a few minutes, we put on the record, and was able to listen to it straight through to Moncton. It was a lot better than I originally expected. It is the type of music that I would have originally referred to as “Generic Rock” except it actually sounds good. Unlike some other rock bands, who can pump out the same song again and again, and keep getting paid for it, these guys have an entire album of single worthy songs.

The album opens with Atlas, and lets you know that these Maritimers mean business. Leading up to songs like Let’s Hear it for the Symphony, and Hey Kid, to the Back of the Line. All these songs sound great on record, and have chorus’ you want to shout the first time you hear the song. I can only imagine how fantastic these songs are for a live crowd, especially if the audience is into it.

I’m proud to say that these guys are from my home town, and I’m going to be keeping my eye on them, and their shows.

Either way, later.


The Motes, Trigger Effect and Priestess

I went to a show, last night at the Manhattan in Moncton. Three bands took the stage, Moncton’s The Motorleague and Montreal’s Trigger Effect and Priestess. Honestly, my left ear is STILL ringing, you’d think I’d learn and bring earplugs, eh? Nope!

So, I’ve been a pretty big Motorleague fan since the first time I heard them, and this time was no different. Well, I suppose it was… The last show I saw was one of the best I’ve been to, but this one was better! Bigger venue means bigger sound, baby! I’ve never seen anyone get the crowd riled up quite like they did, until they were satisfied that we were loud and rowdy enough to be worthy of another song; “It’s about time you fuckers wake the fuck up!” The ‘speeches’ between songs consisted of reminding us how awesome all the bands were and screaming sarcastic comments at us (which we love over here, by the way) to get us screaming back at them. My review on them is essentially the same as their last review, but yeah. Better.

IMG_1293 IMG_1305

Montreal’s Trigger Effect was quite the set as well. They were a very energetic bunch, to say the least. The singer ran around the stage screaming and spitting and accepting pizza offered from the crowd (which he later said was quite delicious)… How many bands get pizza from their fans while still on stage in the middle of a song? I want to know. In any case, the crowd loved them and they loved the crowd. The singer even reached into the crowd and gave high fives and let a few fans dress him with a banner between spittings; of which I wasn’t really a fan. I found it quite disgusting and over-the-top, not to mention it was WAY too often and too much, but hey… the other band mates didn’t seem to mind the occasional shower, so, spray on, I suppose.

“Enough about them, what about their music” you surely just asked me. It was good. I’m not exactly a screaming aficionado, and this is all it was. I think he sang for a few seconds for two slower parts of the set, but that, unfortunately, was all. The music was great and so was the energy from the band and the crowd alike, but at some point the vocals just started drilling into my brain quite painfully. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason my ear is still buzzing ever so painfully. It was traumatized, I tell you! They were fun to watch and played really well, but I’m sure other people enjoyed them much more than I did.

IMG_1313 IMG_1316

Montreal’s second band, Priestess, the stars of the show was up last with quite the set list at that! (Do they sound familiar? They should!) As soon as I saw the lead guitarist’s double neck [Gibson, I believe?], I knew I was in for a good show! Along with fantastic sound and vocals, they had quite the light show going on in the background. Awesoooooome! I’m sure the mosh pit didn’t notice the lovely background scenery, but they were busy getting their cocks/box rocked off.

Even though I saw the drummer only had two arms before he started playing, I’m convinced he kept a few spare ones behind the scene along with the lead guitarist’s extra fingers. He was delightfully hard to follow in the blur that was he. The last time I was this impressed with a drummer was when I was 8, watching Animal on The Muppets Show with my dad. It was also refreshing to have the vocals sound like vocals and not a banshee. I really don’t know what else to say about these guys… but let me suggest that if ever you have a chance to see them? Go!

IMG_1357 IMG_1340 IMG_1335

Thank me later.

All in all, it was an awesome show with some pretty damn solid bands. I already have Motorleague on my iPod, Trigger Effect won’t make it, and I must find Priestess’ new album to get on there as well!


Chris Velan

A friend of mine pointed me towards this guy a few days ago. The sound is a fusion of my favorite parts of James Taylor, Counting Crows, and Blues Traveler, and it’s really got me hooked.

I’ll hopefully be doing a review of his album Solidago next week, but for now I just wanted to say that he’s playing in Moncton at Plan B on Sunday night… I’ll be there, and you should to.

Chris Velan on MySpace


Grady Contest!

Hey everybody,

The fine folks representing Grady were kind enough to send me an extra copy of the new Grady record, Good as Dead.

Being the absolute sweetheart I am, I’m going to give one of them away. All I’m asking you to do is two things. First, head over to and become a follower. Once you’ve done that, fire off an email to telling me your Twitter screen-name. After that, I have the dubious distinction of writing all your names down and putting them into my hat and drawing one out at random.

Don’t have twitter? Too bad. It’s my contest.

Just a reminder, too. Gordie is bring the Grady Boat (Get it? Grad(v)y boat? Bah. You’re all beneath me.) to Moncton on November the 13th. They’ll be playing a 19+ show at the Manhattan with The Respectables. The show is $17 in advance, or a 20 spot at the door.

Get Tweeting!


Hump Day Sounds – The Avett Bros

The Avett Bros – I and Love and You

My little sister sent me an email one time. “Go listen to the Avett Brothers and thank me later” she said. This being a reversal of when I normally email her her new favourite music I took my time getting around to it. When I finally got Emotionalism and took the time to listen to it through, I was officially hooked. So, needless to say, but I will anyway to get my word count up, I was all over the Bros newest release, I and Love and You.

There was a lot of talk of sellouts and all that shit because of the Rick Rubin producer tag attached to it. I and Love and You is full of tunes just as solid as any other Avett Bros song I’ve ever heard. It’s far from a sellout record. It’s the same songwriting style as any record before, just with a little more polish, which serves the songs well. Obviously Rubin knows what he’s doing. I mean, he’s only been doing it forever.

As is a habit of mine, my favourite tracks are among the first on the album. I and Love and You is solid. January Wedding has lines in it that you wish were chorus’s so that they wouldn’t end. And It Spread has been stuck in my head for weeks, popping up days after hearing it to remind me that the Avett’s are serious about this stuff they’re doing.

official site


Monday Mornings– Pomplamoose, Be Still.

pomplamooseSo Twitter has brought about a lot within the last ten months. People can share things with people they don’t even know, all the have to do is follow each other. One particular tweet I checked out was one from a writer of a web comic I read, which for now will remain unnamed. This particular tweet was informing me that “This is fantastic stuff” referring to music. I decided to check it out.

The band, Pomplamoose, is a duo from California. Their main focus for spreading their music is Youtube. The two record themselves playing the music, and singing, and then splice the videos together, so you can see them playing the song, the way it’s being heard. It’s almost like seeing a live show.

What’s fascinating is that it’s only two people. The group consists of Natalie Dawn, who sings both lead, as well as her own harmonies, and often is seen playing bass. She has a unique vocal style, which at first, I wasn’t too sure of. The more I listened to Pomplamoose though, the more her voice grew on me. It’s the type of voice I could listen to while watching the rain.

And Jack Conte, who plays a tremendous amount of instruments. In the Youtube videos Jack is seen playing anything from guitar, to piano, the accordion to the drums, a bass to a Polaroid camera, and everything in between.

The music flows together to create a bouncy, pop sound. Their cover songs are fun, and their originals are brilliantly written both lyrically, and musically. I’ve since started following Pomplamoose on Twitter, and Youtube so I don’t miss any of their new videos. I hope I keep hearing new songs from these two artists.

Either way, later.